COVID-19 Stakeholder Analysis

In union there is strength.


Every individual and organization have been affected by COVID-19. In an emergency situation such as this pandemic, it is helpful and important to consider our connections at all of the various levels so that we can both draw on the support systems in our lives, and when possible, offer support to people in our various networks. A simple phone call can go a long way right now.

Whatever your circumstances are right now – whether you are part of a school, a non-profit, a small business, a household – whether you are actively employed or not – this is an excellent time to reflect upon all of the members and support within your sphere of influence. Make a list of everyone you can think of and write down each one. Consider how these relationships may intersect. Refer to this on a regular basis in the weeks ahead. Chances are you will think of others.

You and your relationships

Another way to think of this is with an ecological framework. Doing this kind of analysis can help you remember who is in your community as micro, meso and exosystems. You may think of family, friends, coworkers, mentors, schools, legal resources, lenders, professional associations, social media connections, neighborhoods, government, public health officials, and so forth. This is your team. You likely have more connections and support than you realize.

Your connections and support

Reaching (safely) out to these connections can be a very empowering experience.

The next time that you can hardly believe what you are hearing due to COVID-19, do something nice for yourself. Turn off the internet, radio, or TV for a few minutes.

Complete this activity. Put the results up on your wall so that you have a daily reminder of your support. This tool may also give you new ideas for connections, partnerships, and projects for the future.

Stick together.

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