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Our approach is built on the philosophy that no two organizations are alike.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs taking into account your culture and resources.

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Strategic Planning

Woodland Strategies collaborates with you to create clear, outcome-based strategies by assisting as you analyze demand and find new market space for your service or product.

Marketing Strategy

Woodland Strategies provides comprehensive marketing and strategic planning services to a wide range of sectors.

Nonprofit Fundraising and Development

Woodland Strategies utilizes best practices and the latest trends for all of our nonprofit constituents.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Woodland Strategies uses best practices in current environments to assist individuals as they optimize their capacity for leadership.

Our Clients Trust Us

  • Woodland Strategies was a perfect fit for our organization. Martha and Mary were very easy to work with and adapted their process to our organization. Well done!

  • Very well done – good process and lots of hard work by all!

  • Woodland Strategies did a wonderful job for us. I appreciated that Martha was willing to spend extra time with us to get it right and be able to wrap it up. Martha is a gifted and thoughtful facilitator. We are fortunate to have connected with her and look forward to future projects with her.

  • Looking forward to follow-up and hope to consult with Martha for future projects.

  • Thank you. This was very helpful to organize our thoughts and planning process. We took away some great tips and ideas from your process.

  • I appreciated the additional information to help us discuss! Thank you for your calming presence and guidance.

  • When I created and started my company in 2016 one of the first people, I contacted was Martha. As the owner/president of Woodland Strategies, Inc. Martha has been instrumental with my company's success. She has assisted with the company's organization, marketing strategies, finance goals, budgeting and the company's vision. I feel fortunate to have worked with Martha in the past and look forward to continuing this relationship.

    Robert, Small Business Owner

  • We worked with Woodland Strategies to assist with developing a fundraising plan that incorporated strategies to increase philanthropic opportunities from our stakeholders. From creating effective mini-fundraising events, to crafting inspirational messaging, to connecting stakeholders to philanthropic opportunities, Martha and her team worked with us every step of the way. Woodland Strategies’ process was very collaborative and empowering. This was important to our organization, and to me.

    Carol, VP of Communications and External Relations

  • We hired Woodland Strategies for assistance with our Strategic Plan. Martha brought our entire team together and we couldn’t have done this without her help. We felt very supported by her and would hire Woodland Strategies for future projects.

    Sara, Non-Profit Executive Director

  • I've worked with Martha for over 5 years and have found her approach to be truly unique. I am impressed by her desire to learn about my business and modify her marketing approach based on my specific needs. I'm happy to have Martha on my "team".

    Pete, Small Business Owner

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The non-profit world has changed and faces unique challenges, especially now. Woodland Strategies helps non-profit leaders focus on their mission while driving strategy. Woodland Strategies has worked with multiple non-profits assisting with;

  • Case Statements
  • Content Strategy
  • Development and Fundraising Efforts
  • Team Building
  • Values, Vision and Mission Statements
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Small Business

Small businesses are incredibly important to the US economy, driving innovation and competition. Woodland Strategies has worked with CEO’s, Vice-Presidents and Teams for many years to support;

  • Business Development
  • Customer Relationships and Strategies
  • Sales Strategy
  • Values, Vision and Mission Statements

You only get one chance to make a first impression.


Our core professional values include excellence, integrity, loyalty, and teamwork as we support organizations and their stakeholders.


Our vision is to be our client’s most valued business partner by empowering each with knowledge and skills to sustain ongoing success as they support their own stakeholders in achieving their potential.


Our mission is to empower organizational members and leadership to implement strategic initiatives for business development and growth.

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News, Updates & Resources

Ten Steps to a Successful Strategic Plan

Ten Steps to a Successful Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a significant undertaking. It requires energy, creativity, time and money. Your resources are important and limited. Get what you want! This is what we do at Woodland Strategies. Here are a few tips as you consider your upcoming planning project.

Choosing the Right Consultant

Choosing the Right Consultant

Consultants can provide valuable service and offer an objective perspective to assist organizations and team members in a variety of areas. Woodland Strategies, a business consulting firm in Minneapolis, MN, offers an assortment of consultancy services including Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Development and Fundraising Strategy, and also Leadership Coaching.

How long does a typical strategic planning process take?

How long does a typical strategic planning process take?

This is a question we are regularly asked at Woodland Strategies. Typically, a full strategic planning process can take up to six to eight months, depending on how in-depth the organizational planning team wants to take things.Your messaging – your values, mission and vision statements – can, and should, last between eight and twelve weeks. This is really the most fundamental part of your plan. It should never be rushed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is a highly skilled professional. They not only understand what motivates consumers; they know how to put strategies in place to improve a business. Some business leaders assume that marketing consultants are merely ad reps who work independently from an agency. Although these two perform complementary functions, what they do is vastly different. Advertising is a part of marketing, thus advertising often falls under the umbrella of marketing.

Marketing consultants can help you further develop your business through effective strategies beyond an ad cycle. This will help you to prepare your product or service for a competitive marketplace to reach a targeted audience.

Not sure if you need a Consultant or a Leadership Coach? We discuss this topic in our blog post; A Consultant or a Leadership Coach?.

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How can a Marketing Consultant help my business?

A marketing consultant can provide organizations with a number of benefits as they assist business leaders in updating their messaging for today’s audience as well as for future opportunities.

Consultants help team members decide the best strategy for optimal client engagement and expansion in current markets. Consultants collaborate with leadership to develop new strategies to achieve both short-term and long-term goals, while ensuring that all approaches are consistent with the company’s mission and measures of sustainable success.

Learn more about services Woodland Strategies can provide your business.

How can my business benefit by working with a Strategic Planning Consultant?

No one knows what the future holds, however having a strategic plan can increase an organization’s chances for successful outcomes. Start-ups, non-profits and for-profit organizations can all benefit from the services of a Strategic Planning Consultant.

Strategic Planning is the process of assessing the direction of an organization by evaluating both the current market position, and where the organization is headed. The strategic plan provides an opportunity to create the mission, vision, and values, as well as long-term goals and the action plan needed to implement in order to achieve these goals within the resources of a current annual budget. A skilled Strategic Planning Consultant collaborates with organizational leadership and their teams to work towards common goals to create intended outcomes in an ever-changing environment to address the needs of the organizational stakeholders. This type of collaboration provides a clear path for organizational direction, as well as insights and tools to measure successful outcomes.

Learn more about consulting on our blog.

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How can a non-profit benefit from a Marketing and Strategic Planning Consultant?

Organizations are expected to deliver results. This includes the non-profit sector, which looks very different than it did just a short time ago.

There are many important needs in our world, and competition for dollars is fierce. A consultant can assist leadership in achieving financial success, and promoting organizational strategy through informed decision making within a process, while staying true to the organizational values, long-term vision and mission. A skilled consultant will be able to assist organizational leadership and teams as they assess challenges, and create customized solutions to achieve sustainable short term and long-term goals, while building internal consensus and commitment.

Ultimately, a consultant can facilitate the learning process amongst organizational members in achieving their own on-going viability in a changing world.

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What is Leadership Coaching, how can it improve my business?

Leaders need to be able to communicate strategy, negotiate with skill, build teams, and ultimately—deliver results. Executives and managers at all levels can benefit from leadership coaching. Leadership coaching is designed to help individuals accomplish their current responsibilities as well as to advance their professional development over time. Leadership coaching can be a key factor in building high performing and healthy teams. Coaching helps individuals discover their own way forward by providing time and the tools to shape goals as they advance as authentic leaders.

Not sure if you need a Consultant or a Leadership Coach? We discuss this topic in our blog post; A Consultant or a Leadership Coach?.

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