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Workshops &
Speaking Engagements

In addition to comprehensive planning projects, Woodland Strategies also offers speaking engagements, and half-day and full-day workshops for professional associations, nonprofit organizations, small businesses and startups. We use best practices and current research to assist you as you reach your goals, working with all budgets. Contact us today to get ahead in the New Year!

Board Engagement

You want your board members to be invested in your organization. This is an opportunity to propel your board to become a forward-thinking group that understands the organization’s culture, messaging, and has a collaborative and trusting relationship with their Executive Director or CEO. Create opportunities and strategies and action plans for the New Year!

  • Annual Retreats
  • Development and Fundraising
  • Self-Assessments
  • Team Building


Can you verbalize what your organization stands for? What makes you different? Can your stakeholders describe what you do? Creating your organizational messaging is one of the most powerful things that you can do for your future. It can also be a very significant step in bringing your organizational members together for a common goal. Develop a crystal-clear message for all of your multiple stakeholders!

  • Mission Moments
  • Team Building and Engagement
  • Assessing your Multiple Stakeholders
  • Values, Mission and Vision

Fundraising for Nonprofits

Anyone can be an important part of fundraising. Whether your individual members want to help out with the general foundational planning, or be out in front. Advance your mission!

  • Creating your Plan
  • Establishing a Cohesive and Effective Committee
  • Follow Up Assessment
  • Going for the “Ask”
  • Market Segmentation
  • Stewarding your Stakeholder
  • Team Building
  • Evaluation

Your own Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand is an empowering and fun activity. This can help guide you as you navigate your professional development, your social networks, and your general happiness in life. Develop your action plan for the year ahead!

  • Defining your Personal Values, Mission and Vision
  • Communicating this with Others
  • Expanding your Network
  • Setting Goals and Celebrating your Successes

Create a One-Page Marketing Plan

Do you have a current marketing plan to keep you on track? Is your organization on the same page to communicate this to your stakeholders? Is this consistent with your messaging? Create a dynamic plan for your future!

  • Assessing your Message
  • Your Budget
  • The Marketplace
  • Establishing Goals
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Pricing
  • Managing your Plan
  • Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate

At Woodland Strategies, we work to be accessible to your organizational success wherever you may find yourself in your planning and development. This upcoming year, make a plan to get ahead. Discover your mission. Plan to grow. Get started today!

Recent Feedback from Our Workshops

  • You ARE good. I enjoyed your materials. It's obvious you are doing what you love.

    Bruce, Professional Association

  • Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for keeping us all together. We accomplished so much!

  • Very good information. Thank you!

  • Very professional and informative.

  • I thought it was all awesome!

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Learn how Woodland Strategies can help you grow your business.

  • Woodland Strategies was a perfect fit for our organization. Martha and Mary were very easy to work with and adapted their process to our organization. Well done!

  • Very well done – good process and lots of hard work by all!

  • Woodland Strategies did a wonderful job for us. I appreciated that Martha was willing to spend extra time with us to get it right and be able to wrap it up. Martha is a gifted and thoughtful facilitator. We are fortunate to have connected with her and look forward to future projects with her.

  • Looking forward to follow-up and hope to consult with Martha for future projects.

  • Thank you. This was very helpful to organize our thoughts and planning process. We took away some great tips and ideas from your process.

  • I appreciated the additional information to help us discuss! Thank you for your calming presence and guidance.

  • When I created and started my company in 2016 one of the first people, I contacted was Martha. As the owner/president of Woodland Strategies, Inc. Martha has been instrumental with my company's success. She has assisted with the company's organization, marketing strategies, finance goals, budgeting and the company's vision. I feel fortunate to have worked with Martha in the past and look forward to continuing this relationship.

    Robert, Small Business Owner

  • We worked with Woodland Strategies to assist with developing a fundraising plan that incorporated strategies to increase philanthropic opportunities from our stakeholders. From creating effective mini-fundraising events, to crafting inspirational messaging, to connecting stakeholders to philanthropic opportunities, Martha and her team worked with us every step of the way. Woodland Strategies’ process was very collaborative and empowering. This was important to our organization, and to me.

    Carol, VP of Communications and External Relations

  • We hired Woodland Strategies for assistance with our Strategic Plan. Martha brought our entire team together and we couldn’t have done this without her help. We felt very supported by her and would hire Woodland Strategies for future projects.

    Sara, Non-Profit Executive Director

  • I've worked with Martha for over 5 years and have found her approach to be truly unique. I am impressed by her desire to learn about my business and modify her marketing approach based on my specific needs. I'm happy to have Martha on my "team".

    Pete, Small Business Owner